Maximum flexibility with the new Cazeneuve Optimax Plus 590

Heerbaart Jongman Metaal has recently enriched its machine park with a Cazeneuve Optimax Plus 590 x 1800 flatbed lathe. The machine was to be admired at the booth of BMT Machine Tools during the Technishow at the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht. The machine has a maximum turning diameter of Ø583 and a distance between the centres of 1.800 mm. Meanwhile this new acquisition has moved to the factory of Heerbaart Jongman Metaal in Hengelo.

“It is the ideal machine for single piece work and small serial work”, according to co-owner Ton Heerbaart. The Cazeneuve can be used flexible and offers the quality, precision and speed that will definitely benefit the customers of Heerbaart Jongman Metaal. When speed and urgency are required, precision is important and the quality standards are high the Cazeneuve Optimax Plus 590 will prove its absolute added value.

Due to the short setting time, small series can be produced faster and the capacity can be used flexible. The Teach-in control via Siemens 840 Dsl CNC ensures that the programming of the Cazeneuve is user-friendly and has a high accuracy.

Precision that is enforced with the ergonomic quality requirements of the Cazeneuve. In other words, the Cazeneuve Optimax Plus 590 is a definite gain for the production park of Heerbaart Jongman Metaal in Hengelo.