Heerbaart Jongman supplies flanges such as spectacle blinds and olets (branch connection fittings) and fittings (welded joints in pipelines) for the petrochemical industry, for example to refineries and oil rigs. One of our key customers is NAM. Our products find their way through brokers to companies such as Shell, Esso, BP, DSM and Dow Chemical.

Filter industry

Heerbaart Jongman machines and supplies filter housings, in various dimensions and types of materials, which our customers use in systems for filtering gas, oil, water and air.

Transport industry

Heerbaart Jongman manufactures items such as manhole covers and other specialist components for road tankers for which factors such as pressure and seals make highly specific demands.

Process management industry

For the process management industry, Heerbaart Jongman makes thermowells (temperature gauges) and with our specialist machinery we can carry out deep-hole drilling.

Turbo Machinery

Heerbaart Jongman manufactures and supplies all types of components for generators.

IC Central/ Boiler construction

For power stations, for instance.

Drives and rollers

Heerbaart Jongman supplies drives and rollers for a range of industries including injection moulding. We specialise in spline toothing.


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