It is all about quality

The ISO 9001:2008 is nicely framed and is showing off on the wall at Heerbaart Jongman Metaal. The achievement of this recertification does not lead to celebrations within the company anymore. It is almost like a force of habit. Already since 2001 Heerbaart Jongman Metaal complies with the strict requirements that are set in accordance with the most recognised quality management standards. And every time it is a confirmation again of the quality and acknowledgement of the performances made by the company. Heerbaart Jongman Metaal is growing, the demands from the market and legislation become increasingly strict, but procedures and operational processes are and remain in complete control.

In 2001 Heerbaart Jongman Metaal was one of the first companies to obtain the new ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Coincidence is that Heerbaart Jongman Metaal is also one of the last to obtain the ISO 9001:2008. Again the requirements of the standards are adjusted and in future there will be more focus on human action.

Heerbaart Jongman Metaal is extremely proud on the restamping certificate for PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). Products comply with all fundamental safety regulations of the European guideline. Therefore, traceability of materials in the operational process is of the utmost importance and fully guaranteed within the company. The certification is of great value to the customers of Heerbaart Jongman Metaal, who mainly operate in industries whereby materials are used under high pressure and whereby it is assumed that the materials contain the correct properties for 100%. The PED certification of Heerbaart Jongman Metaal also makes the customers’ purchasing process easier and faster.

Heerbaart Jongman Metaal is proud to have obtained both certificates but realises that the management and improvement of performances is a continuous process and business operations can always be further optimised.



An optimisation process to which the new Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine Crysta-Apex S9106 will definitely make a contribution. From the beginning of May, the 3D measuring machine is operational able to perform precise measurements and to produce measurement reports in accordance with customer’s specification. The automated temperature correction increases the quality control even further.

After all, it is all about quality.

Our certificates as PDF:
G 0304- PED Nederlands
ISO 9001 tot 2018