Heerbaart Jongman’s employees love a challenge. We are at our best when we are able use our expertise and professionalism to come up with ideas for the best solutions to your problem. All of our staff are qualified and have taken solid in-house courses on materials, products and processes. Together they make up an established team throughout which a love for the job and pride in our products predominates. By continually sharing and documenting knowledge, we are able to safeguard our expert status in the market.


We always search for the optimum solution to your problem and that always starts by asking the right questions. What will the product be used for? What does that means in terms of selecting the material strength and which statutory quality certificates are required? Finally, we are used to communicating with customers at a technical level they can understand. Excellent service from customer request to delivery. That is the kind of commitment you can expect from Heerbaart Jongman.


At Heerbaart Jongman, everything revolves around quality work. For this reason we operate under the strict rules of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and an ISO accredited quality management system. Since we are able to demonstrate that we perform all machining operations under our own roof, in accordance with strictly laid down and traceable procedures, we hold TÜV and Lloyd’s stamp accreditation. Moreover, our business operation is leading the way in energy-saving measures and CO2 reduction. This is why customers who are required to meet the highest quality or sustainability standards choose Heerbaart Jongman.


Many of our customers operate in time-critical sectors where standing still costs a lot of money. Our manufacturing process is set up in such a way that we are able to meet all delivery requirements. It is for this reason that Heerbaart Jongman has invested in high quality, multifunctional machinery that can be rapidly and easily converted for each new job. In addition, we ensure that we always have ample manpower so we are able to get started on your assignment almost immediately. It is this flexibility that Heerbaart Jongman’s customers rely on time and again.

Quality work

Heerbaart Jongman works for international customers over the whole world; in many cases they are customers we have served for many years. We are based in a region where keeping your word is prevalent, which is a moral attitude that perfectly suits our corporate culture.  Our commitment to you as a customer is also reflected in our business operations. Thanks to our extensive stocks, clear processes and sophisticated ERP planning system, we always deliver promptly and reliably. Exactly as promised.


Thanks to our intense focus on customers in the petrochemical and offshore industries we are fully aware of the importance of safeguarding continuity. One of the foundations on which Heerbaart Jongman stands is maintaining stocks of semi-finished products, certified and raw materials. In addition we constantly invest in our staff’s composition and knowledge levels. Finally, we keep a strict eye on our staffing levels and solvability so we are always able to deliver what we promise and because your work simply has to go ahead.