Heerbaart Jongman Metaal announces substantial investment in machinery

Investing today, when the market has just gone through a very difficult period, requires courage and a lot of faith in the future. Heerbaart Jongman Metaal has both. The factory shows off a brand new Pume700 CNC computer controlled lathe, and

is investing in a new measuring chamber. The expansion investments procure an excellent position for the metalwork factory based in Hengelo, from which they can make a leap forward. With high-end, modern machinery, they can satisfy their customers’ delivery needs even better.

The metal industry is slowly recovering. Heerbaart Jongman Metaal did not hesitate for a second, and made substantial investments to improve the delivery times, accuracy and trustworthiness of their high-end, certified products.

“If we did not have faith in the future, we would not have gone through with these investments”, says co-owner Henk Pol. “We are exploring several markets, and we see expanding export opportunities within the petrochemical industry.” At Heerbaart Jongman Metaal, which values delivery reliability, quality and flexibility, the Puma700 offers the technical possibilities to meet customer needs even better.

Heerbaart Jongman Metaal products are bound for offshore and petrochemical industries, which have high demands when it comes to quality, short delivery times and optimal service. “The Puma700 improves the turnaround time in our factory. In addition, the new operating system offers us more possibilities and gives us the opportunity to work even more accurately. It is a fantastic machine.”

The new measuring chamber, which is now being designed, will also contribute to this accuracy. “The 3D measurement equipment allows our measurements to be accurate up to one thousandth of a millimeter.”

Heerbaart Jongman Metaal specializes in tailor-made, machined metalwork. ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd’s and authorized to overstamp for PED and TüV. Bar material or tubes made of non-alloy/alloy/stainless steel or special materials; in almost all cases directly taken out of own stock.

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