Heerbaart Jongman broadens the horizon

The world is changing and so is Heerbaart Jongman. Flexibility is not just a focal point in the production process but adaptability and quick actions are also entwined in the business operation. The owners Henk Pol and Ton Heerbaart see this flexibility not just as a necessity but also as a challenge.

Henk Pol: “We should grow from an organisation with focus on the product to an organisation with focus on the market.” The petrochemical industry, where a large part of the products of Heerbaart Jongman are sold, has been in bad weather for quite some years now. Although the company has a stabile position in the petrochemical industry, the growth possibilities are mainly aimed on other sales areas. “We were always introvert in the best sense of the word but now we think rather more nuanced about this.” To open up to other markets, to be alert on chances and to broaden the horizon provides future perspective for the long-term.

New, fresh employees give a fresh outlook on the possibilities and chances are researched and taken through different channels. To increase the share of export is one of the growth potentials. “We are widely orienting ourselves in Germany, including through the WTC”, says Ton Heerbaart. Apart from the German petrochemical industry, also other sales markets are explored where the production is paired with great pressure. As in the water processing industry. Together with a client in that market area, Heerbaart Jongman developed a product. “You enter into a discussion about technical specifications. We advised that with only a few adjustments it would be possible to produce rather cheaper. We received the trust and the drawings were adjusted.”

Henk Pol: “That is actually what you want: to enter a relation with the client whereby we already think along in the pre-stage.” To enter long-term trust relations with the client where people know each other and can go and see each other. The informal and friendly mentality of Twente definitely plays a part in this.

Each new market has other features and challenges; has different certifications and product requirements. Challenges in which the employees of Heerbaart Jongman would like to put their teeth in. The eyes of Ton Heerbaart are starting the shine when he tells about the processes in small and large, sometimes spectacular, projects that the company now gets into contact with. Jigsaws that make the technical heart beats faster. “We like to continue solving problems, that is what we are good at. If there is a fire, we will put it out. “

The expansion possibilities ensure that Henk Pol and Ton Heerbaart have great faith in the future. Or as they say in Twente: “The future will tell”.


On the left; Henk Pol and on the right; Ton Heerbaart.