From brute force to precision

He started his working life once as a professional soldier in a tank gunner, now Steff Ordelmans is the measure specialist of Heerbaart Jongman. “From brute force to precision”, the 26-years old Steff also sees this as a remarkable career change. “It went how it went”, he says down to earth. After a reorganisation there did not seem to be a future as a soldier. “Before that I followed a course for warehouse assistant. That was the only other opportunity for me to get a job.” Luckily it all took off perfectly. “I arrived for the first time at Heerbaart Jongman on a Thursday afternoon and next Wednesday I started. Simple work like stamping and packing, that is how it all started.”

Soon Steff Ordelmans’ tasks were expanding. “The managers had faith in me and gave me more and more responsibilities.” Stock management, arranging transport, a bit of purchasing. “I became a Jack of all trades; used to change a bulb or the move a storage unit.” It all seemed so natural. “I really never knew what I wanted, but I could not sit still and I always liked to get involved.” At a certain moment Steff even had to measure products before they were sent out. “I discovered that I found this really interesting. I could see the challenges.”

In the meantime, there were plans at Heerbaart Jongman to acquire a 3D measure machine. Steff was asked to follow a training course for this. He followed the courses Aukom 1 and 2 at Stodt company training courses to learn how to operate such a measure machine and what measure strategies meant. The last part of the course took place at the supplier of the measure room. And now it is here: the 3D Mitutoyo measure machine.

“The first thing I tried was to measure a rather large product. Already one with big challenges; holes under certain angles and many measures that were not stated clearly on the drawing. It was quite a puzzle and I even came back on Saturday.” And finally it worked. Steff was over the moon. “But the production wasn’t, ha-ha. It turned out it was incorrect. A lot of moaning and the measure machine appeared to be incorrect, but I was indeed right!” He thinks it is a beautiful job. “Preferably I would like to do this all day.” He describes himself as ‘a bit of a perfectionist’ and ‘tidy’. In the measure room where every bit of fabric could have an effect, this is not a bad quality to have.

The measure room really is an asset for Heerbaart Jongman. “All lot of things cannot be measured by hand anymore; plate purity, parallelism, the machine can measure everything at the same time. I was also very surprised to see how it all worked. Now we can take on more complex work and check it ourselves. Plus, the customers receive an official document.” Steff Ordelmans really feels at home in the measure room and has found his passion there. His next challenging step is a third training course at HBO (bachelor) level. “At Heerbaart Jongman I really hit the jackpot”, Steff realises himself. “They gave me all the room to develop myself to a specialism that perfectly suits me”.