Heerbaart Jongman is a company specialising in custom machining techniques, ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd’s and authorised to restamp according PED regulations. Rods or tubes, alloy, non-alloy, stainless steel or special materials; directly from stock in virtually all cases. We deliver promptly and within a day if required.

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Machining operations

Our skilled craftsmen can turn, mill, cut, slot and drill for customers in, for example, the offshore and petrochemical industries which rely on the very highest standards of quality and continuity. This is why we operate high quality, contemporary and multifunctional machinery that is set up so we can quickly meet any delivery requirements.

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Spectacle Blinds? Yes, we can!

For all your questions on Spectacle Blinds, Spades and Spacers please contact Heerbaart Jongman Metaal. Through many years of experience Heerbaart Jongman Metaal has established a reputation as the expert specialist in this field. Spectacle Blinds, Spades and Spacers are…

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Quality, that is what it is all about

Het ISO 9001:2015 ¬†certificaat hangt mooi ingelijst te pronken aan een wand bij Heerbaart Jongman Metaal. Het behalen van de hercertificering levert al bijna geen gejuich meer op binnen het bedrijf. Het wordt haast een macht der gewoonte. Al sinds…

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